We believe in connection.

In pause.

In dialogue and resonance.

Elm Twig Press develops and publishes works that are rigorous, sensitive, and lasting.


Our first publication, AND AND is a sensitive exploration of an American granddaughter’s understanding of the Korean War and its direct effects on her mother and grandmother. It confronts the difficulty of heritage and how generations live its nuanced impact.

As a poetry and picture book, AND AND plays with how text affects visual interpretation and how supportive images influence meaning.

poems by Elaine Johanson
photographs by Jan C. Almquist

  • Finely printed on premium acid free-paper, smythe sewn
  • 44 pages, plus cover, plus book cover sheet
  • 15 black and white images

  • 5% of proceeds will go to the Natural Resources Defense Council for forest preservation.

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    This is the quietest book I have ever held in my hands. It is febrile and evanescent and inevitable. The poems are nested into the images with the purposefulness of a sand painting. And it would not be surprising if one tilted its pages and the grains of ink slid off the paper surface to dust the ground. It would not be surprising if one turned back a few pages to find them blank, printed in some invisible ink that only reconstituted if the book was reopened.

    One can only close its covers with an audible sigh."

    Educator and Designer

    Reading AND AND feels like trying to catch a hawk with your bare hands. The power of the poems and images refuses to be tamed or even stilled. Every moment seems too important to miss, a second away from an explosion of longing or violence. Elaine Johanson and Jan C. Almquist have created something truly exquisite with this collaboration."

    Author and Senior Poetry Editor
    at Guernica Magazine

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